Welcome surprise for guitar club kids

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Budding young musicians received more than applause at the weekend when they took to the stage for their first live performance.

The youngsters have been taking free lessons at Jayz Guitar Club, run at Shawlands bar Jayz by Kieran Sinclair, lead singer of Papa Shandy and The Drams.

It’s a twice-weekly, 12 week block course for kids aged six to 17, ending in a performance of Darius Rucker’s guitar-led tune Wagon Wheel on stage at Jayz.

With five hard-working students playing to a packed crowd on Sunday, teacher Kieran went one step further, inviting Langside councillor Susan Aitken to present them with brand new guitars.

Kieran — who raised £240 to fund them, matched by Glasgow music venue Classic Grand — explained: “I’ve been playing the guitar since I was 15 and know it’s not the cheapest of hobbies. For that reason, I started a free guitar club.

“All my students have been terrific, but there’s a handful who have completely blown me away and I wanted to recognise their efforts and talent by raising funds to take them to the next level.”

The lucky students are Scott Williamson, Marley McGreggor, Alice McDonald, Rebecca McKendrick and Alistair Riddell — and it’s a welcome confidence boost for Scott (10) in particular.

Scott has a medical condition known as dyspraxia, and his parents were told by doctors that he would never be able to play an instrument — but since starting nine weeks ago, the youngster has proved to be a star pupil.

Mum Nikita said: “We can’t believe the change in Scott since he started guitar lessons. His confidence has gone through the roof and he has pretty much had a smile on his face the past nine weeks. I would like to say a big thank you to Kieran. ”

Pauline Cameron, assistant manager at Jayz, added: “Kieran is a natural musician and teacher and is brilliant with the students — he treats them as young musicians, and all the parents love him. The fact that he selflessly fundraised to buy his students new guitars is a testament to his efforts.”

The Guitar Club runs on a Monday and Tuesday, 4-8pm, and all are welcome along. The group also welcomes any unused guitars currently gathering dust, to allow more kids to pick up a few musical skills.