“We will fight this for years to come”

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OPPOSITION to the proposed recycling unit at, Loganswell currently remains firm.

Chair of Loganswell resident’s association Harry Stewart, continues to be a thorn in the side of LRV, leading the charge against a plan which he says would “destroy Newton Mearns forever”.

SFGS Jackson Carlaw

SFGS Jackson Carlaw

Reacting angrily to the most recent status update, the 62-year-old said: “Again we hear LRV are going to save the world from waste.

“Translated this means they are going to become rich, receive massive subsidies and destroy our community.

“Best achievable technology is a phrase used to cover things up.

“Just look at the Hawaii vitrification plant, which was said to be clean and safe, but was later shut down as it was dangerous.

March 3

March 3

“No mention of the vast amount of imported wood chip. Is that environmentally friendly?

“Despite many requests from us, LRV will not discuss jobs, a similar plant in the USA employs less than 50 .

“Local jobs would be lost as companies and people in the local area would move away, house prices collapse and lives would be destroyed.

“This entire community along with our legal teams, our engineering and enviromental experts will fight this for years to come”.

West of Scotland MSP Jackson Carlaw — who voiced his opposition to the bid since it was first mooted — is unconvinced by LRV’s latest effort to turn public opinion.

He told The Extra: “If they really want to turn over a new leaf then it will stop trying to pretend this is not an incinerator.

“The process they describe is categorised by the European Union as an incinerator.

“What the demonstration, petitions and every test of public opinion has demonstrated is that the people of East Renfrewshire do not want the LRV development to proceed”.

Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh, who led this month’s demonstration with East Renfrewshire MP Jim Murphy, said: “LRV may have seen the size of our demonstration but they haven’t accepted our message.

“We don’t want LRV to try harder to convince us on why we should support their plans, we want them to remove the threat that currently hangs over community.

Mr Murphy added:“LRV say they are not taking community opposition to their development lightly, but actions speak louder than words.

“After more than two thousand people protested against the plans, LRV have confirmed they are still 100 per cent committed to putting a large-scale incinerator right on people’s doorsteps”.

Meanwhile, West of Scotland MSP Stewart Maxwell dismissed the latest project update as “ an attempt to cover their proposal in a greenwash which will fool nobody”.

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