We love The Glasshouse birds!

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Local residents have come forward to support The Glasshouse in Queen’s Park.

In The Extra (July 5) we reported that concerns had been raised over the birds’ welfare.

Since then, a large number of our readers have got in touch to back The Glasshouse and share their experiences.

One reader said: “I am a regular visitor to Queens Park Glasshouse – sometimes twice weekly – and I have to say I was very saddened to read your article. I have been visiting the glasshouse and animals now for several years and enjoy my time spent there as I have became so attatched to the animals housed in the glasshouse and the staff make everyone feel so welcome.

“From what I have observed over the past few years the animal house is looking the best it has ever looked! The larger birds now have double the size of enclosure than they previously had. I also witness most days I visit the staff interacting with the birds and it is clear that they love their jobs and must be heartbroken by these horrible accusations.

“I would hate to see this wonderful attraction being jeopardised but her actions. My grandchildren have grown up with these animals and it would be a real shame if anything happened to them.

Mr Graham from Thornliebank said: “I often take my grandchildren to the park and they head straight to see the animals. I must say, I’ve never seen any reason to be concerned. The animals are a great addition to the park and long may they remain.”

Another reader added: “I was shocked and saddened when I saw the story. I enjoy wandering around to see the birds.

“I wasn’t aware that some were rescue birds, and I’m glad they are now being looked after. I hope they won’t be removed from The Glasshouse because of these claims.”