We have a lot to prove

LRV Chair Neil Gallacher
LRV Chair Neil Gallacher
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Following a demonstration this month, which saw more than 2,000 members of the local community march in opposition to a “Lifetime Recyclying Village” on their doorstep , managing director of LRV Neil Gallacher has asked for an opportunity to address the community and their concerns.

What follows is a status update on the proposal from the LRV team, who are currently working on their revised planning application.

“Following the demonstration that took place in Newton Mearns a few weeks ago, we know that we have a lot to prove to the people of this community.

That is not something that we as a professional team take lightly.

Lifetime Recycling Ltd is committed to this project - which is why it has grown from an idea funded by a local man in this community, to a project team of over fifteen working with top firms across Scotland and potential energy and investment partners from around the world, who recognise the importance of adopting these technologies.

We are working closely with our technical and environmental experts to refine and develop our application, ensuring that possible impacts of the development are fully assessed and reported.

Only when all of this information is available publicly, will we be able to answer your questions.

One misconception that we keep hearing is that Lifetime Recycling Village is proposing a mass burn incinerator. In fact what we are proposing is a gasifier.

The mass of waste that comes in will undergo extensive sorting and separating into metals, glass, plastics and biomass.

We will recycle whatever we can.

It is then a select fraction of that waste - the biomass fraction - that will be prepared into a high quality clean fuel, to gain maximum efficiency in generating electricity in steam turbines.

So, it is a renewable fuel that is gasified, not a bulk of waste that is burned.

The processes involved have been used and proven in various other industrial applications in the UK for years. Using them in combination has become commonplace in such countries as Japan and is already consented and permitted in the East of England.

Using these best available technologies in conjunction at the Lifetime Recycling Village would deliver significant carbon savings every year.

Environmental considerations drive this proposal for us as much as for this community. We want to change the way that we deal with waste.

We want to see better accountability of waste streams, tackle the problem of landfill and be part of a sustainable infrastructure, providing renewable energy for our future.

Scotland needs to act if we are going to achieve these things, and we all have an important role to play.

Although interest in this project is global, we remain committed to the benefits being local. We will create hundreds of jobs, support new apprenticeships, l bring new footfall into local shops and businesses and invest in education and community facilities for East Renfrewshire.

We urge the community to support us to achieve this.