Volunteers needed for Hidden Gardens fun

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The Hidden Gardens and Boilerhouse at Tramway is calling for volunteers to help out in the next programme of courses in cooking, gardening, crafts and other events.

Most courses, including the current women’s cultural cookery group, run for several weeks and are usually free to attend. Courses are often over-subscribed and applicants are put on a waiting list.

However, volunteering to help out at events may be an alternative route to the table such as helping out with a gardening project, whereby volunteers can learn as they go.

There is a gardening project coming up soon where volunteers can lend a hand with planting and learn a few of gardening guru Jackie’s greenfingered secrets.

There’s also a meeting of people of mixed faith where volunteers can get involved.

A spokeswoman for the cultural diversity programme said: “Volunteers are a crucial part of the programmes and we are keen for volunteers to get on board.”

To register for a place, call 433 2722 or email andrea@thehidden gardens.org.uk.