Villagers inherit £150,000 windfall

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Residents in a small East Ren community are to receive a six figure golden handshake to spend on whatever they want.

The £150,000 windfall is believed to replace a commitment by housebuilders CALA Homes to develop land at the bottom end of the small village of Waterfoot, near Eaglesham.

East Ren councillor Stewart Miller explained: “When Cala proposed developing the new houses at Waterfoot, they said they needed to take access through a children’s play park which was donated to the people of Waterfoot by the local farmer at that time, Mr Basil Baird of Windhill Farm in 1966.

“Ownership went to the council who maintained the park but, when Cala came along to develop the field, the council negotiated that Cala install and pay for a small replacement park and that they also pay a sum of £150,000 for the formation of a public park at the bottom of the development.

“Since then, the council has agreed that the people of Waterfoot should have a say in where and what this money should be used for.

Waterfoot resident Bob Venner told The Extra: “I’ve been going door-to-door to ask what householders want to do with the money. People are talking about repairing a somewhat dishevelled wall and sprucing up the carpark at the waterfall.

A spokesperson for CALA Homes said: “CALA Homes has contributed £150,000 to East Renfrewshire Council for the development of community facilities in Waterfoot.

“The council is liaising with the community to find out how they would like this to be best implemented.”