Vandals wreck Pollok House garden for ‘free’ vegetables

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Vandals have used the “excuse” of a sign advertising free vegetables to ransack the garden of landmark A-listed Pollok House.

Workers there found their work had been ruined by people who literally hauled produce up by the roots in their determination to make the most of the “free” offer.

But it’s been questioned whether anyone could be stupid enough to imagine the sign advertising free vegetables meant a green light to plunder carefully-tended growing beds.

Police are now investigating the incident, which it’s been speculated arose because of a larger than usual number of visits to the House during Doors Open Day.

One account suggests up to 20 people of all ages were seen at the site with bags bulging with looted vegetables.

The “free” offer applied specifically to a basket of surplus produce which would otherwise have gone off - and certainly not to the fresh produce in the garden.

A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council said: “There is a sign which clearly states the veg in the basket can be taken away.

“The staff had put the sign out as they regularly do.

“The sign has been in place for a few weeks with no issues - perhaps with it being Doors Open Day at Pollok House, and our sign to take vegetables from the basket, it appeared people could simply help themselves to what was in the ground.”

This led to considerable damage, she said, and left hard-working staff to cope with the effects of vandalism.