Vandals strike out


CONCERNED residents have blasted bored yobs for destroying the look of a picturesque community.

Vandals have struck in the Netherlee and Williamwood area by spray painting gates in Williamwood Drive and the bus stop on First Avenue.



One resident, who wished to remain anonymous in fear of retribution, told The Extra: “I have stayed in this area for the past 30 years. I am disgusted at the amount of graffiti destroying the look of what once was a desirable area.

“I know it is still a popular area because of the schools – but the message about having respect for others’ property is just not get through.

“And I object strongly to our taxes having to be used for graffiti removal teams which would not be necessary had these hooligans not wantonly resorted to vandalism in the first place.

“Just this week, in the beginning of the school holidays, we had yet more ‘art work’ appearing on some newly-painted gates in Williamwood Drive and the bus stop beside First Avenue is also covered in the same bright lurid green paint”.

The angry resident fumed: “Can we not get to grips with these vandals or their parents and make them pay for or clear up their own mess.

“The vast majority of residents in this area as in most I am sure work hard and behave well.

“I find it infuriating a minority can be allowed to spoil the look of the area”.

Councillor Ralph Robertson, for Netherlee, Stamperland and Williamwood, told The Extra: “I have been contacted by some residents who have been concerned with the increase in youth numbers around the Netherlee and Stamperland area.

“Unfortunately when the school holidays begin there always seems to be more anti-social behaviour especially graffiti.

“Netherlee primary recently had a fence erected for the safety of pupils and also to help prevent vandalism to the school.

“Residents need to report every incident to the police so that resources can be directed to where they are needed most”.

A Strathclyde police spokeswoman told The Extra: “This is the only reported incident of graffiti in Netherlee in the last couple of months”.