Two cars set on fire in Clarkston in early morning blaze

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A police investigation is under way after two cars and bins were set ablaze in the early hours of the morning in a Clarkston street.

Firefighters were called to Monteith Drive at about 4.20am on Saturday after residents were woken up by a loud bang.

Pictures of the scene showed the cars engulfed in flames and a cloud of smoke. No-one was injured.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said inquiries into the incident were continuing. The fire service said the blaze was extinguished by 5.30am.

A resident shared the incident on a local Facebook page. He wrote: “We heard a bang and looked out and down the street two cars were on fire.

“We called 999 and got neighbours out their houses as the fire was spreading to the fences and bushes. No one had heard it.

“Luckily we were awake and heard it otherwise the fire would probably have spread.”

“The fire completely burned two cars but no casualties were reported.

“It is thought that the fire had spread from some bins that had been set alight”.