Twitter trolls target local politicians

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AN SNP MSP has accused East Renfrewshire MP Jim Murphy of vilifying supporters of independence.

In a recent blog post, the Labour man criticised “CyberNat” trolls who levelled foul mouthed rants in his direction via social media, as well as calling him a “Judas” and a “disgrace to your Irish heritage”.

Writing on his blog, Murphy said the abuse that followed his criticism of the SNP’s plan for Scotland leaving the United Kingdon as “vindictive and vile”.

After blocking some of the worst offenders he said: “Goodbye CyberNat trolls; hello to a healthier debate.”

But Stewart Maxwell believes Murphy’s use of the term “CyberNat” is misleading. He said: “Jim Murphy tries to pretend that all of the abuse comes from those who disagree with him.

“It is clear those of us who support independence have to suffer vile, personal abuse from people who support the No campaign.

“When politicians condemn these kind of personal attacks then they have a duty to condemn equally all those who carry out this behaviour and not try and blame one side while ignoring the other.”

However, fellow west of Scotland MSP Jackson Carlaw thinks the best thing to do is rise above it.

The Tory told The Extra: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but CyberNats will never hurt me.”