Trolley park a risk claims Mearns woman

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Action appears to have been taken at a Mearns store following concerns from a mum that the trolley park was an “accident waiting to happen”.

Jacqueline Paterson (32) was pushing her 15-month-old son in a pram at the Greenlaw Village development in Newton Mearns when they were nearly knocked down by a car.

She told The Extra: “In October I complained to the leasing company for the Pets at Home store in Greenlaw Village, Newton Mearns.

“I explained that the location of the stores trolley park was situated so that no one, whether pedestrian, wheelchair user or someone with a pram like myself was able to get by as the trolley park takes up the whole of the pavement forcing you to walk onto the road.

“As a result of this I was walking from Pets at Home to Waitrose when a car I was travelling towards started reversing towards me, all because I had to leave the pedestrian walkway to negotiate a thoughtlessly positioned trolley park.

“Thankfully I had my wits about me and was able to pull the pram out of the way of the reversing car but would everyone be so quick to react?

“Sure enough the same thing happened as my husband was taking this route on Christmas Eve.

“This is clearly an accident waiting to happen because of a ridiculously placed trolley park.”

The Extra spoke to Graham and Sibbald, the managing agents for the development who said: “We can confirm Graham + Sibbald are aware of the issue and are currently liaising with Pets at Home and the landlord to resolve matters.”

A spokeswoman for East Ren Council said: “The Greenlaw Village is private and the council has no control of any of the ‘roads’ within it. This is a matter for the owner orfactor, however the planning service of East Renfrewshire Council is presently investigating whether planning permission is required for the Pets at Home trolley park.”

However, Pets At Home appeared to have responded and taken action with ‘no parking’ barriers erected around the trolley park.