The road ahead

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PEDESTRIANS and motorists alike have expressed concerns over road safety at Clarkston Toll.

Last Thursday, police were called to the scene after a 92-year-old woman was knocked down, resulting in a hospital visit for a broken leg.

The story prompted one of the biggest online responses The Extra has seen, with many of you taking to our Facebook page and calling for the council to investigate safety issues in the area.

Lise Fisher commented: “I hope the lights at the pedestrian crossing will be sorted so they make a noise when the green man is on, to ensure no more accidents happen”.

Patrick Fisher added: “It’s very dangerous crossing from the railway footbridge at the top of Clarkston Road, to Eastwoodmains Road, with only a traffic island — a footbridge across the road is needed”.

Vanessa Taylor McCabe agreed: “I hate using this crossing — the traffic island is completely inadequate.

“Not sure what the best solution would be but people will continue to be injured there until something is changed, and the council should definitely look into this”.

A spokeswoman for East Renfrewshire council commented yesterday that the roads department are looking into improving the functionality of the current crossing system.

She explained: “We have recently decided to fit repeater green/red man indicators higher on each pole to afford a clear view of the signal — the materials were ordered two weeks ago and should be installed before Christmas.

“There are a total of four crossings within a 500m stretch of the A727 — as this section of road is well served by crossing facilities, there are no plans to install another”.

But it seems that Clarkston Toll’s problems extend to drivers, with many online readers complaining about the road layout.

Pamela Leroy said: “I’d like to see the lanes changed coming out of Clarkston Road — as it is both lanes can go left and no one knows where anyone is going. It’s a horrible place to walk and drive”.

David McClelland added: “It is a horrible spot — you have four lanes of traffic which get squeezed into one, due to parked cars outside the shops”.

The council’s road service has promised to examine the issue, “both in respect of traffic and pedestrian movements”.

ERC’s spokeswoman added: “Surveys have already been carried out and an option appraisal study is to be commissioned this financial year”.