Traffic: what’s the solution?

Traffic jam on on the M8 Glasgow.
Traffic jam on on the M8 Glasgow.

EXPERTS have advised Glasgow to reduce its traffic congestion in a bid to improve air quality.

Following findings in the European Environment Agency’s annual report, executive director Jacqueline McGlade challenged cities to “mitigate the negative effects of transport...while ensuring positive aspects of mobility”.

Southsiders have their own ideas to fix the problem.

John Duffy, a 75-year-old from Thornliebank, believes more people should walk. 
He said: “I walk everywhere, it’s much more enjoyable than being stuck in traffic and it’s good for my health. For longer journeys I just use the bus, I find it to be quite clean and reliable.

“Having a car is more hassle than it’s worth”.

Meanwhile, Sridhal Shetty (26), a restaurant manager from Shawlands, told The Extra: “For most people, convenience is their number one priority. That’s why you see so many cars on the motorway with just one person in them.

“The government should introduce incentives for filling out cars, like car pool lanes and tolls. Then people would have to think about the environment because it would affect their own wallet.

Retired James David (67) from Muirend added: “ If areas with a high amount of commuters had free parking with buses which had a nominal fee it would make a huge difference.

“They could get the money from the senior citizens bus pass, which should be conditional, as so many people take advantage of it”.

Edward Lee (71), from Pollokshields, believes public transport should be standardised to encourage more people to use it.

He said: “It varies so much from place to place. To make it more even, conductors should be re-introduced to make sure standards are met across the city.

“It is also far too simple to buy a car, some people don’t even give it a second thought so there are far too many on the road”.