Parking tangle ‘could cost a life’

Photo Emma Mitchell 11.07.17'Caplerig Road, Newton Mearns
Photo Emma Mitchell 11.07.17'Caplerig Road, Newton Mearns

Management at Newton Mearns mall The Avenue is being urged to thrash out a solution to a parking dilemma – “before somebody is killed”.

Capelrig Road and several other nearby streets are said to be regularly clogged with cars, vans and trucks driven from the shopping centre by a parking charge levied on workers at its stores.

Some store managers as well as full and part time workers are said to be jamming local streets with their vehicles rather than pay a £1.50 per day levy.

This in turn is said to have been brought in because when the car park is full shoppers simply drive on to Silverburn, one of the Avenue’s main commercial rivals.

Last month a plan to start charging users of the mall’s long-term car park at The Avenue in Newton Mearns provoked anger among retail staff.

Employees of some stores within the centre contacted The Extra to complain, and one woman claimed the changes would cost her £390 per year.

At that time management said the mall’s three car parks had been upgraded to ensure customers were given a safe and secure shopping experience.

A £1.50 per day charge was to be levied to the long stay car park, while the others would remain free to use.

However according to local residents the selective parking charge move has now spawned a slew of badly-parked and often obstructive vehicles.

Local resident Ralph Chiren said: “Neither the police nor the council seem to be able to take action, and something needs to happen before someone is injured or, god forbid, killed.

“One woman living near here has been forced to put out traffic cones to try and keep her property clear.

“Last week a gentleman in a wheel chair with an oxygen mask couldn’t negotiate his chair down Capelrig Road. “He had to be lifted bodily by workmen nearby, who then stopped the traffic and managed to get him on his way.

“This is a problem which is out of control, and which apart from causing a great deal of inconvenience is putting people at risk in what is first and foremost a residential area.”

It’s understood local councillor Charlie Gilbert is currently on annual leave, and senior management at The Avenue were also unavailable for comment this week.