Cycling charity wants more 20mph zones

Auldhouse Roundabout - site of highest recorded number of cycle accidents in Glasgow
Auldhouse Roundabout - site of highest recorded number of cycle accidents in Glasgow

A Glasgow based cycling charity wants a detailed analysis of accident locations in order that the new 20mph zones are correctly sited.

CTC Glasgow is urging the Council to make 20mph speed limits the norm for Greater Glasgow, and in particular to include arterial roads and roundabouts which are shown to have significantly higher than average numbers of pedestrian and cycle casualties.

The study reveals that blackspots for cycle and pedestrian accidents additionally concentrate on arterial roads leading into the city centre, particularly where there is a combination of shops, on-street parking, frequent junctions and no cycle facilities. Examples include sections of the main Kilmarnock Road, and Victoria Road.

Roundabouts, particularly on dual carriageways, tend to have a bad record for cyclists. Auldhouse roundabout is the highest single cycle accident locality in the city. Other roundabouts such as those on Barrhead Road and Langside Avenue also have problems.

CTC Glasgow, on behalf of its 885 members in the local area, has commended Glasgow City Council on its proposal for a 20mph speed limit in the city centre where it is anticipated that implementation will help reduce the number and severity of cycle/pedestrian accidents.

CTC Glasgow says that 20mph limits lead to more considerate diving styles and encourages walking and cycling as the healthier option.

The group takes the view that default 20mph speeds in the city centre are just one step in making the city a safer and better place, and have asked the council to take note of the recorded accident distributions when prioritising further areas for 20mph zonal implementation.

A copy of the presentation detailing accident distributions across the council area can be found on CTC Glasgow’s website at: