Townshouse Square in 1932

Image 418 Nostalgia - Townshouse Square
Image 418 Nostalgia - Townshouse Square

Here’s a wee peak at the southside as it was way back then.

The barber’s pole on the left with the red and white continuous rotating stripe was reputed to represent blood and bandages when men used open razors.

McClurg the fishmonger had a shop in the original Townshouse building where the board can be seen at the left corner.

The main part of the building was demolished in 1934. Note the period telephone box and the gas lamp standard with the street name Riverford Road on a strip across the top of the lantern. It was fairly common for lights at street corners to have street names.

The red sandstone tenements behind the shops on the right were built in 1932, and one of the shops here is a branch of Ross’s Dairys. No doubt the loungers would have appreciated some seats.

The figure may be a transport department employee heading for Newlands tram depot.