Tough subject tackled by church

Newton Mearns Baptist Church are holding a seminar on innapropriate material on the internet, among other subjects
Newton Mearns Baptist Church are holding a seminar on innapropriate material on the internet, among other subjects

A southside church is stepping up to the plate to handle one of the most sensitive subjects - pornography and young people.

Newton Mearns Baptist Church are not shirking their responsibilities by hiding their heads in the sand over such a tricky topic, and have organised a seminar to look at the issues surrounding younger members of our society and pornography.

With just under 150 young people under the age of 25 involved with the church it has decided to take a proactive approach around the issues of responsible and mature use of the internet and social media among children and young people.

As a faith community it feels it is incumbent upon them to heed government warnings seriously, and to help educate their community about issues relate to their online lives.

The Rev Brian More said: “We are aware that pornography is a challenge to an increasing amount of people and families. We are not embarrassed to speak about these issues and indeed see it as one of our responsibilities to do so.

“In addition the ministers and staff of the church are involved with around 2,600 young people between all the schools we are invited to share in, and see this is a fertile ground in which we can sow the seeds of safe use of the internet and what is appropriate and innapropriate.

“In my chaplaincy role in Eastwood High and Crookfur we try to help young people become aware of the social realities of contemporary issues facing a new and younger generation. So Human Trafficking and Alcohol Pricing have also featured in discussions as a part of my teaching and discussion roles with young people.

The event will take place at the church on Friday, November 11, from 7.30-10pm.

Entry is free, with tickets are available from Eventbrite, for further information e-mail

Some of the questions which will be discussed are: At what age should I talk to my child about adult websites?; How can I protect their innocence and prepare them well?; Do internet filters work when my teen uses his phone away from home?; and, How big a problem is Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and all these other apps parents keep hearing mentioned?