Top tips to get fit in 2014

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“THIS is the year where it all changes, in 2014 there will be a brand new me, this year I WILL get fit and stay fit.”

Each year, that’s what we tell ourselves, but it is only the select few commited and dedicated individuals who stick to that promise.

So in our first edition of 2014, The Extra is sharing some fitness tips from some of Glasgow’s top fitness gurus to inspire you to stick to your resolution.

Stella Bartram has appeared on many radio and TV programmes, including STV’s The Hour, offering her unique take on fitness.

She runs the new Stella Bartram Fitness gym in the southside, a functional fitness facility providing fun and effective group training.

She told The Extra: “When it comes to training (especially women), they’re usually surprised when I tell them to do the exact opposite of what they have been doing for the past five to 15 

“Pick up heavy things off the floor. Sometimes, lift said heavy things over your head. Eat more calories and get off the treadmill.

“Rather than spending an endless amount of time on a cross-trainer, a metabolic workout provides a short duration, high intensity bout of cardiovascular activity and is particularly effective to assist fat loss.

“Resist the fad diet or fitness trends and stick to real, life changing and functional stuff.”

Andy McAllister , who runs Park Circuits, which offers functional outdoor fitness sessions in Kelvingrove Park, believes variety is key.

He commented: “People have to change their routine. It is counter productive to do the same thing week in, week out. It leads to boredom and real gains are not going to be seen when people train within their comfort zone.

“What we ensure with our sessions is that new experience is guarenteed each time. That’s how people see improvements.”

Meanwhile, Stephen Morrison from Cathcart has been appointed to the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine as a lay adviser and from January. he will be a Sustrans active travel champion for East Renfrewshire.

He told The Extra: “As someone who has lost considerable weight walking and running, I would advocate any method of active travel as a sustainable way to get fit and save money.

“Walking is a great and accessible way to get started . I would always recommend small steps to start. Research shows that just 30 minutes walking per day can help prevent many illnesses and improve quality and longevity of life.

“I would also suggest readers find an activity that they enjoy and can do with friends or family.”