Time out on Robslee

ROBSLEE primary could be saved from closure after Scottish ministers decided to call in the proposal.

This means East Renfrewshire council has three weeks to clarify areas in the plans Edinburgh ministers feel are lacking.

Some 67 letters were received by the Scottish government pleading with ministersto call in the proposal.

In a written letter to the authority’s education director John Wilson, Jonathan Moore, head of the school infrastructure unit, said: “Whilst ministers were reassured to some extent by your council’s response to this issue of delaying the implementation of the closure by one year, they remain concerned about how the proposed phased closure arrangements would impact educationally on the pupils affected.

“Ministers are therefore calling in the proposal... and will now give further consideration to this issue before reaching a final determination.

“East Renfrewshire council therefore may not now implement the proposal (either in whole or in part) until ministers have concluded a determination of the case”.

The decision has delighted parents who have fought the closure plans.

One parent Vicky Kitson told The Extra: “I am very, very happy as I’m sure the rest of the parents and pupils will be at the decision.

“Really this is what should have happened.

“The way the consultation was carried out was questionable.

“There were too many discrepancies”.

And Karen French, whose daughter Amber is in primary three, added: “I’m overwhelmed.

“I feel like crying. We still have a long way to go but this is a step in the right way.

“I hope the government will see it’s right to keep Robslee open”.

Politicians have also been united in voicing concerns at the council’s proposals.

Ken Macintosh, Eastwood MSP, told The Extra: “I’m delighted but not surprised at this decision.

“There is no educational benefit in closing Robslee.

“This is not just a popular school but a successful one as well”.

Stewart Maxwell, West of Scotland MSP, told The Extra: “The decision by the council to close Robslee Primary was a bad one based on a flawed consultation.

“I am delighted he has brought to a halt the drive to close Robslee primary.

“This underlines the flawed nature of the consultation the council has carried out”.