Time for action for city kids

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THE cost of child poverty in Glasgow is one of the highest in the UK, with 33,367 children estimated to be living below the breadline.

According to research from the Child Poverty Action Group, Glasgow city council spends £395 million annually trying to tackle the problem.

A GCC spokesman said: “A wide range of initiatives is being undertaken to support children and families in Glasgow, and many of the recommendations in the report, such as a living wage, have already been introduced by the council.”

Cathcart MSP James Dornan blames the situation on government in


He told The Extra: “A lot of good work is being done by people and organisations who are committed to doing all they can to ameliorate the worst effects of living in poverty.

“However it appears clear that the reason so many of our children are living in poverty is because of poor political and economic decisions made by successive Westminster governments, exacerbated by draconian measures such as the bedroom tax.”

Commenting on Facebook, reader Fraser Davidson said: “[The council] should look into offering free meals for families in poverty and those who are disabled.

“Supermarkets, shops and restaurants destroy tons of unsold food everyday that could be given to those who have difficulty affording it.

“Those who are on job-seekers allowance only get £70 a week — most of which goes on food.”

In May, a 25-member panel chaired by council leader Gordon Matheson met for the first time at the city chambers, tasked with developing a city-wide anti-poverty strategy.