Thousands join Vaisakhi celebrations

Photos courtesy of Dilveer Kaur Hoonjan.
Photos courtesy of Dilveer Kaur Hoonjan.

POLLOKSHIELDS was awash with colour on Sunday as over 3,000 Sikhs gathered to celebrate Vaisakhi.

One of the most important festivals in the Sikh calendar, the holiday is celebrated all over the world – and Glasgow is no exception.

Participants took part in a five hour procession, called Nagar Keertan, by walking to the four places of worship in the city, starting at Guru Nanah Gurdwara in the westend and concluding at Guru Granth Sahib Gurdwara, on Nithsdale Road.

The parade began at 10am, and saw thousands of people take to the streets throughout the city – including busy city centre roads – to celebrate, sing and dance.

Surinder Singh, president of the southside Gurdwara, told The Extra: “Vaisakhi is an exciting festival for all Sikhs and an opportunity to renew our commitment to Sikhi.

“The annual procession is joyous, celebratory and festive.

“Scottish Sikhs also use this occasion as a chance to connect with the wider public, as we proudly display our beliefs of equality, peace and justice”.

Vaisakhi – the Sikh new year and a harvest celebration – falls on April 14, and also marks the birth of the Sikh order of the Khalsa, as on the same day in 1699, Guru Gobind Singh (the tenth Sikh Guru) established Sikhism as a collective faith, the central idea being that all human beings are created equal.

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