This parking strife

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CONTROVERSIAL parking rules transferred from police to East Renfrewshire council in April are now under review.

The council has issued a statement that additional resources have been allocated to a review of the rules enforced by ERC wardens, labelled by some as outdated.

Commercial areas Busby Road, Fenwick Road and Barrhead Main Street have been given priority — a move which follows the resignation of the Clarkston Business Improvement District (BID) board.

The council will collect evidence on traffic flow, speed, parking, duraton of stay and additional demand for parking to form a consultation document. The statement adds: “The formal process itself is governed by statute and can take anything up to 52+ weeks depending on the objections received and sustained.”

Conservative councillor Stewart Miller submitted a motion for an immediate review in May. He told The Extra: “I was told that the review had started on May 7. I was also aware that the administration would not carry out a council-wide review and would start with the Clarkston BID area — this was the reason , in a motion on June 26, I asked for a relaxation in the aggressive enforcement of parking restrictions elsewhere while the review was being carried out.

“Unfortunately this was dismissed and people still have to put up with this not-fit-for-purpose parking regime.”

Online readers expressed surprise at the news, with community group commenting: “We were told it was underway a while ago, and would take six months.

“Restrictions need to be put on hold until a review is complete. This is killing Clarkston’s shopping area as well as being an utter pain for residents.”

Barbara Rourke, of the Netherlee Parking Facebook page, added: “Only three traffic orders are being reviewed — those in areas not yet under review have not even been given a timescale as to when it will start. Meanwhile, residents suffer and businesses fail, for no other reason than failure to admit that a mistake has been made.”