They also sell t-shirts

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MY KNOWLEDGE of the Wu Tang Clan was fairly elementary going into Thursday’s Wu Legends’ gig at the 02 ABC.

Unfortunately, I left last night’s performance being none the wiser.

Previously, I had been regaled time and time again from fans of the unique atmosphere at a Wu Tang Clan gig.

What I got, was akin to an infomercial.he tell tale signs were there from the start — upon entering the arena, posters were plastered all over the box office apologising for the no-show of Method Man and Masta Killa.

And with people already feeling short-changed from their £25 entry fee, things went from bad to worse after Raekwon, Ghostface and GZA took the stage.

Rap artists famous for their stage presence, essentially phoned it in, rushing through a greatest hits set, and finished well before 10pm.

Much of the gig was spent encouraging the audience to buy albums, t-shirt and other merchandise and when the trio left the stage, at 9.50pm, the crowd waited for an encore, but were left disappointed.

They rapped to familiar hits such as”Gravel Pit” and “protect ya neck” but it felt a lot more like karaoke.

They hoped to substitute effort and enthusiasm for repeated use of the word “Glasgow” to galvanize the crowd.

One had to wonder after the gig if the band had left the tour bus double parked with the hazards on, such was the urgency to get off the stage, which was never matched by the urgency of their performance.

Ghostface – who led the gig from the offset - bellowed to the crowd at one point “Glasgow, what energy you give to use, we give right back to you”.

Well, it seems that “Glasgow” must have given slim to no energy, because the “Wu Legends” gave little back.

I still hold out hope to experience the “energy” that apparently comes with a normal Wu Tang clan gig, but last night, was unfortunately not the night.