There is such a thing as a free dinner

Could a free meal really be on the cards?
Could a free meal really be on the cards?

A community enterprise is proving to be a massive hit among residents in the Southside of Glasgow with its free dinner initiative.

Around 40 people attended the opening evening at the end of January with some wonderful food and a welcoming atmosphere helping to make it a winning formula. Subsequent meetings have attracted in excess of 100 people.

The initiative has brought together people from all walks of life, different cultures and varied social backgrounds, families, individuals and people from all age brackets.

The meetings are an advert for integration between local community and local businesses. Support was given by Stalks and Stems, who provided a large box of apples whilst Locavore, Zucchini and local store Kurdish Street Food have all kindly donated.

In a modern society which can at times feel fragmented, lonely, with barriers between various groups and cultures, The Govanhill Free Dinner looks well placed to help bring people together by providing a hearty, warm meal which can melt the barriers between people, social groups and ethnic groups.

Volunteer Mark Hanlon said: “Govanhill is such a diverse pocket of Glasgow, so it’s great that we can have the opportunity and the space to socialise, let down barriers, enjoy a really tatsty meal and encourage a community spirit”.

Chef Jack Paton said: “It’ll be interesting to see just what other events can spark off from this.”

Govanhill Free Dinners is on Monday evening btween 5.30pm to 8pm at Queens Park, Govanhill Church, 28 Daisy Street, Govanhill