The witching hour approacheth

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The witching hour is almost upon us — and southside ghouls and goblins are gearing up for a spooktacular Halloween.

This year, we asked those of you haunting our social media sites to share your best pumpkin patch pictures — and reader Wendy Kelly proved that the best pumpkin carvers know how to be silly, as well as scary.

Submitting a picture of two Minion-style pumpkins inspired by the Despicable Me films, she told The Extra: “My brother made them for my son, Derrin (4), who is minion daft — he’s over the moon with them.”

Mum Elaine, Alexander (7) and twins Cameron and Lewis (3) Grant sent in pictures of two impressive pumpkin carvings — one of a spooky bat, pictured — as did Pat Masterman, sharing a photo of her own, specially-grown pumpkins destined for the soup pot.

Following on from last year’s spooky special on the Citizens Theatre, we also asked for your favourite scary stories.

Believer or sceptic, everyone loves a ghost story — and the southside has them in spades.

Plans to reinstate Shawlands nightclub Tusk as a cinema have been ongoing for years — but did you know that the Old Waverley Picture House (as it was once known) was said to be haunted by a long-lost projectionist? That darkened theatre may not seem so inviting to film fans after all.

Legend says that the subway tunnel between Shields Road and Kinning Park is haunted by a lady who fell on the line in the 1920s. Workmen have claimed to hear echoing footsteps and shadowy figures have been reported — so keep an eye out on the Clockwork Orange.

Queen’s Park is said to be haunted by the many soldiers who fell during the 1568 Battle of Langside — and then there’s the southern necropolis, which attracted hundreds of children hunting down an iron-toothed vampire in 1954 (a rumour which grew arms and legs and was reported numerous times to the police).

There’s the tale of Sir George Maxwell, owner of the Pollok estate — said to have been struck down by witchcraft in 1677.

Of course, there could be nothing to the stories — but if you’re roaming the southside this weekend, it may be wise to keep your wits about you...

Happy Halloween from all at The Extra!