The witching hour approaches

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Halloween is just round the corner — and one am dram group is making deals with the devil at Eastwood Park.

The southside-based Theatre Guild Glasgow are back this week for their biggest show yet, swapping Eastwood for Eastwick — and some spooky goings on.

Following successful recent runs of

The musical, based on the John Updike novel, follows three women all bored with their lives in sleepy Eastwick.

The trio share a deep-seated longing for a “all manner of man in one man”, and lo and behold, up he pops — but there’s a touch of wickedness to the mysterious Darryl Van Horne.

The devilishly alluring dish soon has each conjuring up their worst — but when it all spirals out of control, are they able to unite and get rid of him once and for all?

A cast of 40 southsiders have been preparing for their parts for six months, led by artistic director Alasdair Hawthorn and accompanied by a live band.

Tickets are selling fast — and, as usual, for a good cause, because Theatre Guild has pledged 10 per cent of ticket sales to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

The show has been running since Tuesday, but there are just a few tickets remaining for the Friday and Saturday night (7.30pm) shows.

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