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Newton Mearns locals could soon find allies in their campaign against the lifetime recycling village, in the people of Barrhead.

LRV’s managing director confirmed to The Extra yesterday that the team behind the proposed incinerator in Newton Mearns is looking into several sites in the Barrhead area.

This would be in conjunction with any existing plans for a site in the Eastwood side of East Renfrewshire.

Neil Gallacher said: “We are currently investigating a number of sites in the Barrhead area which would help us to achieve maximum possible recycling from the waste stream.

“The Barrhead facility would serve as a centre for the treatment of glass, plastics, metals, waste electrical and electronic equipment, or other materials that could be suitable for reuse.

“It will be a further step in realising the value of Scotland’s waste, diverting as much as possible from landfill, in line with our national priorities”.

Mr Gallacher estimates that this proposal would create 20 full-time jobs and three apprenticeships for the community.

However, Loganswell campaigner Harry Stewart of the Loganswell residents’ association, believes this makes the proposal “even more ridiculous”.

He told The Extra: “It will mean even more transport on our roads, which will be at breaking point with the incinerator, and that was before the thought of all the constant ferrying materials to Barrhead

“How will our roads cope? It is ridiculous that something as abhorrent as this could effectively could take over East Renfrewshire”.

Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh added his own concerns about the latest development.

He told The Extra: “LRV has clearly not listened to the people of East Renfrewshire, despite the whole community coming together to oppose their plans.

“We’ve told them that none of us here want a huge waste incinerator on our doorsteps, causing traffic congestion and pollution, but now we learn the developers are looking for another site in Barrhead.

“Two sites means double the problem for people and families here.

“This is an issue for everyone across the area as the threat from LRV now hangs over the whole of East Renfrewshire”.

Meanwhile, a recent Freedom of Information request revealed that any changes made to LRV’s proposals since the ‘public consultation’ are not “material”,

The documents also suggest that ERC will have to build a roundabout on the A77 to ensure slow moving traffic accessing the incinerator does not constitute a hazard to other traffic on the road.