The tale of a wooden puppet who wanted to be a real boy

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WE ARE right in the heart of panto season, and this week we take a look at what the Pavilion has to offer.

Pinocchio tells the story of lonely, old woodcarver, Geppetto who longs for a son.

So he utilises his carving skills and creates one out of wood, Pinocchio, but it is not enough.

Geppetto wants a real boy.

The old man is visited by the Blue Fairy who duly brings Pinocchio to life and tells them both that Pinocchio can become a real, live boy if he displays bravery, loyalty and, above all, honesty.

But the woodcarver and his son find the path to happiness blocked by the evil Stromboli and his cohorts: a fox and a cat.

A sterling cast of famous Scottish names help make this a magical night out.

Pinocchio is played by Stephen Purden, ‘Shellsuit Bob’ of River City, while Geppetto is played by perennial favourite, Dean Park.

Pop Idol winner and TV presenter Michelle McManus appears as the Blue Fairy and Radio Clyde’s Shebahn Littlejohn plays Pinocchio’s friend, Lampwick.

Jiminy Cricket is played by Johnny Mac and the evil Stromboli is played by James Mackenzie.

A former River City actress, Joyce Falconer, plays Kitty Kat and panto newcomer Iain Gouck plays the part of Honest John the Fox.

Added attractions to this show include the amazing stunts of aerial performer Valerie Murzak and the free-running skills of Slava Petin.

A great night out for every member of the family.