The sweet sound of success for Aldomak

Aldomak are helping save the honey bee.
Aldomak are helping save the honey bee.

There’s a real buzz about successful Scottish tablet, fudge and toffee maker Aldomak, and it’s not just because business at the Glasgow-based ethical producer is booming.

The family-run confectioner has installed honey bee hives in the grounds around its factory at Giffnock, on the south side of Glasgow, in a bid to help beleaguered bee populations, which are declining at an alarming rate around the world.

The new hives will be Aldomak’s small contribution to the problem of dying bees, which scientists have been noticing since 2006. Their decline is attributed to various causes, but their importance to food production through pollination is undisputed.

The greatest modern scientist, Albert Einstein, once prophetically remarked: “Mankind will not survive the honey bees’ disappearance for more than five years.”

Let’s hope that the prophecy doesn’t come to fruition as long as people like Aldomak and others do their bit for the honey bee’s success.