‘The Steamie’ story unfolds

Three women taking the clean washing home after being at the 'steamie'
Three women taking the clean washing home after being at the 'steamie'

Did you use a ‘steamie’, do you remember tootling along as a tot with your mum - or granny, and getting stuck in with the washing? If so, your memories are wanted.

Govanhill Baths are starting on a project to produce a book which will feature local tales of ‘the steamie’.

The project aims to gather up and compile local resident’s stories and pictures of the steamie and develop a creative project from itin a short book named ‘Our Steamie’.

The project will work with local writers to produce the short book that will be distributed free to local residents and the wider Glasgow community.

Organisers said: “The steamie and baths were so important to the community and this project should be at the heart of that community. We want the book to be our book, about our steamie. We have an open Writers call for entries which closes on the July 15.

If you want to get in touch about the various events or to submit a short work for the book contact Jennifervia email on: thesteamie@govanhillbaths.com or via telephone on: 07841994010.

The official launch night for the book is planned to take place at the Women’s library on the July 28.