The reasons why we carry political advertising

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This week The Glasgow Extra is carrying an advertisement wrap for the Conservative party.

This advertisement – which sits around your normal paper – has been purchased and paid-for by the Conservatives, something they or any legitimate party is entitled to do.

They have placed similar advertisement campaigns in newspapers in some other seats across the country.

Let us make it quite clear, this newspaper does not support any political party.

Every political party is free to pay for adverts to get their message to our readers and the electorate generally.

We favour no political party as a result of accepting their advertising.

Governments, both Labour and Conservative, have long held to the belief that they value a strong, independent press as vital to local democracy.

By placing their advertising with us, they are helping to support the continuation of a vibrant local media.

Advertising is the lifeblood of a free and independent local press.

It subsidises the cost of the newspaper to readers who might otherwise have to pay several pounds for each edition and it funds the objective journalism that is the cornerstone of a local democracy.

We know that some readers might be surprised to see such a prominent political advertisement from one party – but it is simply that, an advertisement from that party.

It does not in any way imply that we either endorse the party or its message.