The old Shaw Bridge 1930

A peep at the past...
A peep at the past...

The tall chimney of the baths and steamie boiler built in 1928 is seen on the left.

Behind the railings on the left the houses at the riverside have been removed to make room for the increased width and shallower, extended curve of the new bridge.

The tenement in the left background is in Bengal Street at the corner of Bengal Place.

In the centre of this view, the street name plate seen on the gable on the other side of the bridge is Lillybank Place, which passed round behind the higher building, the then Palladium cinema, to meet Kirk Lane at its mid point.

This is another view of part of the curved stone parapet of the original bridge which is still in place today near the orange lodge, with the top of the coping at about waist height.

This perspective of Glasgow Corporation Electricity Department’s cast iron street lighting fuse box complete with coat of arms gives a false impression of size.