The Extra is still in fashion!

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The 3rd Netherlee Brownies had a great time recently making a summer outfit from the previous week’s Extra newspaper.

The task was the first part of a three-section activity that the Brownies will do as a ‘pack’ to earn themselves the Designer Badge.

Jane Cowan, qualified leader, said: “The imagination of the Brownies was terrific. They made handbags, mobiles, sun hats, flip-flops and lots more out of the old newspapers. At the end, the ‘model’ from each pack ‘walked out’ onto a catwalk where they talked through all the items they were wearing.

“The Brownies then asked me if they could tear off their paper outfits, of course I said yes, not realising that all 30 Brownies would then tear up all the bits of newspaper that were lying around!

“They had great fun but it was quite a lot to clear up in the end, it goes to show that as a leader you are always learning as well!”

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