That’ll be the Day – Buddy Holly saves Giffnock Classic Car event

Cap'n Jack Sparrow and Captain Hector Barbossa with Buddy Holly's Buick
Cap'n Jack Sparrow and Captain Hector Barbossa with Buddy Holly's Buick

Classic car owners roared to the rescue of a struggling gala day at the weekend – and turned heads by showcasing a stunning Buick once owned by 50’s rocker, Buddy Holly.

The organisers of the Giffnock Vintage Car Spectacular had been forced to issue an SOS to the owners of classic cars in the area.

Over 100 vintage vehicles were due to go on display at the Giffnock Station car park on Saturday.

However, a single car club withdrew 49 vehicles as a mark of respect to their chairman, who recently passed away.

It meant there could have been be a huge gap in the gleaming display, a highlight of the gala day, unless local enthusiasts came to the rescue.

Local restaurateur Giann Celino revealed that, following the appeal, the owners of 63 classic cars came forward to offer their vehicles for the day.

It meant visitors were able to enjoy almost 15 more marques than originally planned.

Mr Celino said: “We had an amazing response to our request for extra cars. I was getting three and four calls a day after it was publicised.

“What I’ve discovered during this process is that the owners of classic cars are a real friendly and helpful bunch.

“The weather wasn’t terrific but the visitors had a great time, casting an eye over some cracking vehicles.”

The show had a full range of admirable automobiles, from a pink Cadillac to a 1960’s Mini Cooper.

A menacing black CSI truck – complete with flashing lights – proved a big draw.

But the star of the show was the silver and blue Buick once driven by the American pop star, Buddy Holly.

Even Cap’n Jack Sparrow gave up chasing dubloons for the afternoon to admire this treasure in the company of Captain Hector Barbossa, of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie fame.