Thanks for the memories

IT was mixed emotions for David Martin as he watched the Olympic games.

On one hand, the promising long jumper was inspired by Team GB and delighted for his friend, gold medal winner Greg Rutherford.

But now the athlete — who works in Shawlands — cannot help but wonder what might have been.

The 24-year-old was on track to make the squad, before an abductor injury ended his Olympic dream.

He told The Extra: “It’s basically the last five years of training down the drain. My whole life has been focused towards these games.

“However, watching Greg has made me even more determined for the Commonwealth games in 2014”.

Wajid Ali Khaliq (41) believes one moment stood out.

The shopowner from Shawlands said: “The whole country was devastated after 
Wimbledon when Murray lost to Federer, so to witness 
his gold medal win was inspiring.

“I’ve been impressed by the Scots, our athletes have added a grit and mental strength to team GB’s effort that has not been given enough credit in the media”.

David Gilhooly, a 29-year-old teacher was touched by a show of sportsmanship during the men’s 400 metre semi-final when Kirani James swapped his number with double amputee Oscar Pitorius after their race.

David said: “There have been so many great moments to choose from, but for me, that really resonated”.

Singers Carla McLane and Kristen Neilsen were surprised to be glued to the TV during these Olympics.

Carla (29), from Battlefield, said: “I never thought I’d be staying in to watch cycling but all the action at the veledrome has been great — especially when Chris Hoy won his medals”.

Kristen (28) from Strathbungo added: “It was great to see Jessica Ennis win. Heptathlon seems like one of the most difficult events”.

Taxi driver Hugh Jamieson (65) doesn’t share the goodwill.

He said: “It has been a waste of money. I went away last week just to avoid it. The cheek of the NHS being honoured during the opening ceremony, which cost a ridiculous amount, was a joke.

“The NHS is is at risk more than any other time in its existence — the gesture was a slap in the face”.

However, six-year-old Molly Jane Macdonald, shopping with dad Thomas, could not be more enthusiastic.

She said: “I have loved it all. I could not believe how fast Usain Bolt ran.

“I now want to be a swimmer when I am older and win a gold medal”.