Terror fall

Jason Thompson being comforted by his older brother Myles.
Jason Thompson being comforted by his older brother Myles.

A SCHOOLBOY has relived the terrifying moment he lost half his finger falling from a 12-foot spiked gate.

Williamwood high pupil Jason Thomspon was climbing the gate near his Stamperland home on Friday when he fell backwards, tearing his ring finger off in the process.

The scene of the accident.

The scene of the accident.

The 12-year-old was rushed to hospital but surgeons couldn’t reattach his finger and he was later released on Sunday night.

Jason told The Extra: “I would warn other people to think twice about climbing over any gates like this. You don’t realise the consequences.

“I’m in a lot of pain and totally shocked about what happened. My finger was still at the top of the gate when I fell. There was so much blood everywhere”.

Jason’s shocked friends who witnessed the accident at Moray Gardens called 999 and he was rushed to Yorkhill hospital and straight into the operating theatre.

His mum Sylvia said: “The doctors weren’t able to repair the finger because all the ligaments and tendons were stretched by his body weight and the way he fell.

“We’ve heard of a few other people this has happened to. Our neighbour tried to climb it a few years ago and he scarred himself from the tip of his pinky to his elbow.

“And more recently there was a young girl who had her hand slashed because of it.

“There needs to be signs up. A lot of children hang about down there and they need to know it’s hazardous. We just want to let other people in the community know what’s happened so it doesn’t happen again to anyone else”.

And his grandmother Linda Ballansley, from Merrylee, added: “We have had an absolutely awful weekend and would hate for anyone else to have to go through the same.

“Jason is traumatised. We don’t know how he is going to cope when the realisation that he’s lost his finger sinks in.

“There should be signage up warning people of the danger of climbing the fence”.