Talking bout my generation


SOMETIMES it’s good to escape to a place where everyone understands.

For the Facebook generation, that place might just be Tramway, where teenagers are this week talking about their Generation.

The latest show by Glas(s) Performance is an ambitious project centred around four youths aged 17 and 18, each talking about their life experiences in the world as it is.

Old enough to vote, drive, drink, have sex, work, get married, fight – legal to do just about anything. The question posed in this piece is – now what?

Co-director Jess Thorpe told Live: “Really it’s about the notion of coming of age and what the world looks like through their eyes.

“At that age you’re thinking about the future and what you want to do with your life”.

Glas(s) Performance, run by Pollokshields resident Jess and fellow southsider Tashi Gore, has been developing auto-biographical projects for seven years, and the casting process is simple – invite anyone with something to say to come along and present it on stage.

There are no characters or scripts in Generation – instead, the four performers talk about their own lives and how they’re affected by the world around them.

For Jess, it’s a tale we can all relate to.

She continued: “We’re in a climate of cuts, especially in education and the job market – so it’s a reflection on what they hope for, what their aspirations are and what they’re currently facing.

“It’s not fiction, and so we feel it’s relevant to any generation.

“It’s about benchmarking this generation now, but it’s also about everyone having to grow up – about standing on the edge of the rest of your life.

“The show is the beginning of a dialogue with audience members of all ages, and the dialogue is our artistic response to the world we’re living in now”.

Whether you understand it or not, the cast and crew of Generation wants a word...

n Performances at 7.30pm from Wednesday until Saturday and tickets cost £10 (£8 concession) – available from 0845 330 3501. The show is suitable for audiences ages 12 and up.