Take a walk down memory lane

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An exhibition is set to mark 100 years of housing and East Ren Council are appealing for your help by looking out old memorabilia.

Rent books and old photos are just some of the artefacts that they would like to see displayed at the exhibition and the housing team are already collecting items.

The exhibition will show how much housing has changed over the years and will be held in October and November in Giffnock and Barrhead.

Housing And Maintenance Services Convener, Cllr Danny Devlin, said: “Whilst we are in the early stages of planning this event we’re looking for any local housing memorabilia such as rent books, old photographs, artefacts or small possessions that you would be willing to share with others.

“You might also have ideas for things that people would want to see in an exhibition and if so we want to hear from you too.”

The council are looking for people who may have been a tenant their whole life, lived in the same house for many years or perhaps just a considerable amount of time to share their experience of being a tenant.

Anything that is loaned to the council will be treated with care and returned to the owner.

Photographs will be copied and the original returned.

They will also ensure you are credited for any materials that they use as part of the exhibition.

If you have something you would like to share for the 100 years of housing exhibition, please email customerengagement@eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk or call 0141 577 3695 to arrange.