Swine flu six cause concern

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HEALTH officials are attempting to calm fears in the wake of several incidents of swine flu.

A total of six children had been hospitalised with the H1N1 virus.

While NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have rushed to play down the situation, they recommend high-risk groups, including pregnant women, be vaccinated against the virus.

A spokeswoman told The Extra: “The number of children with flu is currently what you would expect for this time of year, including H1N1, which is prevalent in the community.

“There is no outbreak. Six individual cases with no connection have been admitted to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children over the last two weeks.”

A Glasgow city council spokeswoman was unable to confirm whether the children attended local schools.

A spokeswoman for East Renfrewshire council said: “We are not aware of any cases of swine flu in East Renfrewshire schools.

“In the event of any cases we would work in conjunction with the health authority.”

Earlier this month, a man died of swine flu at Glasgow’s Victoria Infirmary.

There was a global outbreak of the infection in 2009, and 1,542 people were admitted to Scottish hospitals during the pandemic, during which 69 people died.

Meanwhile, figures were also revealed this week that 15 Glasgow pupils required medical attention after taking legal highs during the school day since October 2012.

A GCC spokeswoman said:”Our schools are working with appropriate partners to reiterate the message to young people about the dangers of using unknown substances. This behaviour will not be tolerated in our schools.”