Surge in Christmas shoppers

Silverburn shopping centre
Silverburn shopping centre

IT’S beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the southside’s massive shopping mall, Silverburn.

The centre has just enjoyed its biggest weekend of the year with an incredible 120,000 people visiting.

The centre’s director, David Pierotti, had predicted a big weekend – and he certainly got it with 60,000 people visiting on Saturday and Sunday.

Mr Pierotti said: “There has been a significant shift this year to investment gifts – cashmere sweaters, winter coats and leather bags.

“Games and technology gifts are strong, particularly tablets and phones.

“As we get nearer to Christmas Day, we would expect to see an increase in lower-value items for stocking fillers, but again these will be considered rather than novelty items.”

David added: “We have seen a growth in gift cards this Christmas with more than £1 million sold during the past few weeks alone we are seeing demand for shoppers splash out from food to fashion.”