Super slimmer Julie is seven stones lighter!

Julie McIntyre super slimmer
Julie McIntyre super slimmer

Keeping up with the kids is child’s play for Julie McIntyre from Barrhead who decided it was time to change her life and ditched the pounds for good.

The realisation and fear of being labelled a ‘fat aunty’ after the birth of her nephew Leo galvanised Julie into action.

Julie McIntyre super slimmer before her amazing weight loss

Julie McIntyre super slimmer before her amazing weight loss

Now, seven stone lighter, Julie has no problems keeping up with Leo and his baby sister Orla. The 31-year-old support worker joined Slimming World in September 2013 after seeing photographs of herself at Leo’s Baptism.

Julie said: “On a day where, as Godmother I should have been front and centre, smiling for photographs I felt so unhappy and miserable I couldn’t wait for the day to be over’.

Although initially apprehensive taking her first steps Julie soon realised that she needn’t have worried.

“I was given a warm welcome, everyone was very friendly and all there for the same reason; to support each other and lose weight.

“When the consultant explained what food optimising was It’s fair to say I had no idea the variety and quantities of food you were allowed to eat. Nothing, even chocolate, was off limits. With no weighing, measuring or counting involved it seemed too good to be true and, a week later when I went for my first weigh in I was stunned to discover that I had lost 8 and a half pounds.”

Losing weight has changed Julie’s life beyond recognition, meaning she is much more active and able to do things she previously wouldn’t have been able to.

“I have bags more energy and have become much more active, regularly going out for five and six mile walks with my friends. During one of these walks we decided we were going to set ourselves a challenge and climb Ben Lomond which we achieved on July 2 last year. The views from the top were breathtaking and made everything I have achieved so far worthwhile”, said Julie.

Julie has lost so much weight that she has been inspired to open up her own Slimming World group starting on Thursday May 5, at 7.30pm in Pollok Community Centre, 134 Langton Road.

Julie said: “I can’t wait to help other people see how much fabulous free food they can eat and lose weight. I want to help people change their lives with Slimming World the way it has changed mine.”