Summer safety plan underway

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POLICE are stepping up their presence in a bid to reduce accidents on East Renfrewshire roads.

Cops will take to the streets to promote safe driving and clamp down on motorists who flout the law.

Officers will hand out tickets to those who continue to exceed the speed limit, fail to wear seat belts and use their mobile phone while driving.

Chief inspector Alan Murray, East Ren area commander, said: “This initiative is intended to make the roads safer and reduce the chances of a tragedy occurring.

“Far too often serious road accidents are caused by drivers who are wilfully breaking the law and it is this sort of selfish behaviour we seek to address. 
“We will be operating primarily in areas where accidents have occurred, and areas where inconsiderate driving has been brought to our attention by members of the public”.

In this week’s online poll, we asked readers: Do you think East Ren has a problem with dangerous drivers?

The results showed 68 per cent of responsdents answering yes, compared to 32 per cent who said no, enough was being done to target dangerous drivers.

PC George McAsh added: “We will be out as often as we can for the next five weeks, especially during weekends when drink driving is more commonplace.
“We hope, after that, people will have learnt their lesson and begin to be more safe on the roads”.

Meanwhile, cold callers are also being targeted, with PC Susan Gillon and Paul Holland, from ERC trading standards, taking to the Avenue last week to advise residents on choosing trustworthy tradesmen.

Mr Holland told The Extra: “The nature of East Ren, with many wealthy, elderly people means this area is often a hotspot for cold callers.

“We have had a big response from the public and it is clearly a concern for many local people.

“The best thing to do is to say no to here today, gone tomorrow rip off doorstep callers”.

Free and confidential advice is available to over 60s on 812 4111. Residents are also encouraged to report fraudulent workmen on 0800 0130076.