Street parking switch anger

Damage to car on Carolside Avenue
Damage to car on Carolside Avenue

East Renfrewshire Council are being blamed for causing a situation which has ended up with cars being damaged.

Reader Derek McCulloch contacted us to express his serious concerns, as well as those of his neighbours on Carolside Avenue in Clarkston.

He claims that, since the council introduced parking restrictions on Clarkston’s Main Street, what was once a nice quite residential street has become a rat run.

And, with so many more cars using the street to avoid parking charges, residents’ vehicles are regularly being damaged as people try to squeeze through.

Derek told The Extra: “More and more cars are using our street and not only go too fast on a street that offers no chance of swerving should something happen, but is also a street that is suffering more and more from bump and run occurrences when people damage our cars and then simply drive off.

“Yet another of my neighbours has had his car damaged last week and the number of incidents is rising at an alarming rate, so something needs to be done about it. With the recent money-making decision by ERC to charge in the main Clarkston and Overlee car parks this situation is only going to get worse and we have had enough of it.”

A spokesman for the council commented: “The restrictions in Clarkston are the result of an extensive review and public consultation and respondents were overwhelmingly in favour of the new arrangements.

“Before a decision was taken all views expressed during the consultation were carefully considered along with the impact of introducing restrictions.

“Unfortunately, like many older residential areas, the houses along Carolside Avenue do not have off street parking to accommodate residents’ vehicles which means that they park on street.

“This was the situation prior to alterations to the waiting restrictions on Busby Road and observations indicate that the level of parking along Carolside Avenue has not materially changed.

“We are encouraging and reminding road users to be considerate at all times when parking and using the roads in Clarkston. Where there are instances of excessive speed residents should make Police Scotland aware of their concerns.”

A police spokesman said: “Any complaints made to us will be fully investigated.”