Still sparkling after 60 years

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On December 22, 2016, Bill and Anna Dalby celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary with family and friends.

The Provost, Alistair Carmichael, of Eastwood Council, and the depute Lord Lieutenant presented the couple with a telegram of congratulations from The Queen, then thanked Bill for his contribution to the education of pupils in the Eastwood District, where he was the first depute head teacher at Kirkhill Primary followed by 20 years as head teacher at Thornliebank Primary School.

Bill said: “I will always be deeply indebted to parents, teachers and auxiliary staff for their support and co-operation in the schools where I taught, especially in the schools of the Eastwood District.”

The couple’s background is interesting and intriguing.In 1958, after many years of preparing to be a minister, teacher then missionaries, the couple, with a five month old baby, left for Central Africa. In 1960, after the country became independent from Belgium, there followed bloodshed when many Belgians were brutally murdered, including two of their fellow missionary colleagues.

They then decided to leave the country for a peaceful period in the south, staying in the city of Blantyre, Malawi where their second baby was born.

After returning to the Congo, where they had a baby girl, the couple headed back to Scotland.

Although the couple are now over 80-years-old, Bill has continually spoken of his love and devotion for his wife while Anna, speaks of her dedication and her love for him and their family.