Stark warning for shoppers at Silverburn Tesco

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A Newton Mearns resident is warning shoppers to be more vigilant while shopping in Tesco Extra Silverburn.

Mrs Fraser’s elderly mother had her bag stolen from her trolley while shopping in the supermarket last week.

The bag contained her purse, phone, medication and various other personal items.

Although she wasn’t hurt, she was left very shaken up by the incident.

Mrs Fraser explained: “She had put her bag in the trolley which I know a lot of people do to do their shopping.

“She was in the home section of the store looking at bedding and she had just turned around for just a few seconds when it happened.

“And as soon as she noticed her bag was gone, she alerted the staff.”

She continued: “The store staff were very lovely and kind and took her through the back and made her a cup of tea until the police arrived.

“They gave her her shopping for free and the police eventually took her home. Luckily her house keys were in her coat pocket.

“Staff checked the CCTV but nothing was found on the cameras .”

Mrs Fraser posted on her Facebook page alerting other shoppers and she was shocked to read comments by others who had had similiar experiences.

She said: “So far there has been over 300 comments and the post has been shared more than 800 times.

“We’ve also been informed that my mum had been the nineth victim of this type of crime in the past four weeks.

“Surely a shop as huge as Tesco can afford to invest properly in security measures for the benefit of themselves and their customers.”

Mrs Fraser added: “Why is there not sufficient security measures in place? I think that Tesco has a level of responsibility to make sure their customers are safe.

“It’s really scary. Perhaps they could put up posters warning shoppers. Tesco has to do something.”

A spokesman for Tesco said: “We take the safety and security of our customers extremely seriously.

“While there has been a very small number of incidents these are obviously very distressing for anyone involved. We are working closely with the Police to identify those responsible.”