Star of the silver screen

Ewan in costume
Ewan in costume

BUDDING actor Ewan Walker has made his film debut in a big screen chiller — at the tender age of 11.

Ewan, from Newton Mearns, took time out of his school work at Crookfur primary and Friday classes at the southside branch of Stagecoach theatre arts to star in The Awakening , released this month.

It’s not a bad start for the ambitious youngster, who took up the role of McGorrian — one of eight school boys terrorised by ghostly goings on at a 1920s boarding school — alongside big names such as Imelda Staunton, Dominic West and Rebecca Hall.

It’s his first foray into film but Ewan has plenty of theatre experience, with roles at the King’s theatre coming in from the age of five – and his big screen debut was also made all the easier by a welcome atmosphere on set.

The young thespian told The Extra: “It was really enjoyable and I made a lot of friends, but it was quite nerve-racking as well because there are so many cameras on you and if you do something wrong it stops.

“But if you do it right and you get on well with the people you’re working with then it’s good fun”.

Southsider Ewan was the only Scottish actor chosen, playing alongside seven English boys.

He spent six weeks of last summer filming in London and the Scottish borders — chaperoned by mum Lyn throughout — and is proud to see his name appear in the main cast list.

Ewan continued: “I was really nervous meeting the stars of the film, but they made me feel really comfortable. A lot of them had met before but it was my first time, so they made sure I felt welcome.

“I definitely want to be an actor when I’m older now”.

The one problem with starring in a scary film at such a young age is the reduced bragging rights – unfortunately, Ewan’s friends aren’t old enough to see the film.

But their mums and dads were lining up for tickets, and everyone has praised the southsider’s star turn.

Proudest of all is mum and chaperone Lyn, who accompanied Ewan on 10 auditions in Edinburgh, as well as on set.

She commented: “It was wonderful for all the children to meet the stars – it gave Ewan so much confidence to be working with them.

“We’re so proud of him, and he’s been very excited about it. We went to the London premier last month, then to the pictures up here to see it, and it’s amazing to see Ewan’s face show up on the big screen.

“Now he’s looking at other scripts, and if he likes one then we try and support him with it”.