Space... the final frontier for kids

Space flight comes to these Glasgow shoppers.
Space flight comes to these Glasgow shoppers.

Glasgow Science Centre is celebrating the upcoming flight to the International Space Station by British astronaut Tim Peake, be having an aeronautics show.

The Centre will host Destination Space, which celebrates Tim’s mission.

One small step...

One small step...

Backed by the UK Space Agency, the Centre has joined forces with Tim to provide children with a unique opportunity to join his crew, learn about human space flight and study life on the International Space Station.

As Tim prepares to don his suit, Glasgow Science Centre is celebrating his first mission with an out of this world series of space and astronomy-themed activities for families and schools.

Visitors will be able to follow Tim’s journey as Destination Space activities will take place at the Centre prior to Tim’s launch, whilst he is onboard the ISS and after he returns to earth next summer.

The daring astronaut will be hitting the launchpad this December for his out-of-this-world flight.

Celebratory events include a stellar sleepover, school kids attending the exclusive rocket launch party, amazing demonstrations, an awe-inspiring astronaut show exploring life for the entire on the ISS and meeting space scientists working in Scotland.

As well as learning about Tim’s work on the ISS, the programme will celebrate the team behind Tim, highlighting great opportunities for young people across the space and sccience sector.

To join the Destination Space crew and find out about events at Glasgow Science Centre, go to or www.glasgowscience