Southsiders have their say: where next for Rangers?

WITH the future of Rangers hanging in the balance, it’s only a matter of time before one of Scottish football’s biggest institutions learns its fate.

Now it’s up to the clubs in the Scottish football league and Scottish Premier league to decide what punishment fits the crime.

With a tax tribunal imminent and liquidation a certainty, Rangers now run the risk of a season in the Scottish football league’s bottom tier, or possibly exclusion altogether.

But what do southsiders think should happen to the fallen giants?

William Dornan, a 77-year-old from Clarkston, is not a football fan, but he thinks there is only one thing for it.

He said: “It’s only fair if Rangers have to go to the very bottom and work their way up, it’s just desserts. Everybody else has to pay their taxes”.

Richard Campbell (49) from Newton Mearns is an Ayr United season ticket holder. If Rangers are forced into the third division, his team will be in the league above the Ibrox side.

“It’s a new club so it’s only right they start again”, said Richard, “I think it will be good for Scottish football as it can’t be one rule for Rangers and one rule for everybody else”.

Joseph Duffy, a 31-year-old Celtic fan, has mixed feelings.

The leisure attendant from Newton Mearns told The Extra: “I will miss the Old Firm games, there is nothing else like them but Rangers need to start from the bottom. They’ll be back eventually. “It will be strange without them but Celtic have the infrastructure to continue growing as the club is one of the biggest in the world”.

George Tweedy, a Rangers fan from Giffnock, has different opinions.

The 75-year-old said: “Demotion to division one is punishment enough. Scottish football needs a strong Rangers.

“Newco or not, it’s still the same club, same stadium, and most importantly, same fans”.

Emma Kelly, a 23-year-old from Eaglesham believes there “can not be one rule for Rangers, and one rule for everybody else. “I do not understand why a newco should be permitted to leapfrog clubs who have not broken the rules into the first division.

“They should pay their dues and make their way back to the SPL on merit alone”.

Rangers fan James Gilmour said: “I think most fans are happy for the club to take our medicine and start again in division three”.

The 30-year-old greenkeeper added: “I’ll keep my season ticket and continue to support the club wherever they end up”.