Southside teen gives back to Yorkhill

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A YOUNG southsider diagnosed with Crohns disease has launched her own fundraising bid for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Yorkhill, reports Gary Smith.

Hayley Smith (13), a pupil at Holyrood secondary school, raised £120 in a single day last month by offering a nail design salon at the Gorbals branch Co-Operative on Crown Street.

The kind-hearted teen now plans to make it a regular occurrence and raise even more money, not only to help Yorkhill but also to raise awareness of Crohns – a rare inflammatory bowel disease more likely to affect young children than adults.

Having first practised on family members – using cocktail sticks in lieu of professional equipment – Hayley told The Extra that it’s now a career she’d like to pursue, and she’s already thinking about qualifications and going on to college.

She added a big thank you to everyone at Yorkhill who has helped or is still helping her.