Southside slimmer ditches the pounds

Julia Bird, weight loss champ
Julia Bird, weight loss champ

Former TV producer, Julia Bird, has turned her life around after developing some unhealthy habits during her time on the road working alongside Kirstie Allsopp.

After shedding 2 stone and radically changing her way of life, Julia is ready to start inspiring others by opening a new slimming club in Pollokshields.

Julia, (35), spent over five years working with Kirstie on her crafty makeover series for Channel 4.

She also worked on other popular TV shows including Big Brother, Location, Location, Location, and Wife Swap. Julia spent a lot time filming on location, and lived off an unhealthy diet of service station sandwiches, room service and take away pizza.

“Working with Kirstie was a lot of fun, but the lifestyle was starting to have a negative impact on my health.

“My Mum has always been overweight and has type 2 diabetes, and I didn’t want to follow in her footsteps,” said Julia

Julia left her career in television to have a baby last year, and after her daughter was born in January she decided it was time to take action.

She joined her local Slimming World group and since then has lost 2 stone.

“Having a new baby can be full on, and there is plenty of debate as to whether new Mums put too much pressure on themselves to return to their pre-pregnancy weight,” said Julia.

However for her joining the group was about more than just shedding a few pounds.

“Working in TV I was really confident, but having a baby knocked me.

“I had barely left the house in weeks, and knew I needed to get out and speak to other people before I went insane!”

Joining the group provided a great support network, but Julia admits that as a sleep deprived and breastfeeding mother, she was concerned she’d have to live off lettuce leaves to lose weight.

“My appetite was through the roof due to all the feeding and late nights.

“Luckily, the plan was flexible and I was able to eat tons of food.

“I lived on burgers, healthy currys and cooked breakfasts and still saw the weight fall off,” she said.

In addition to maintaining a healthy weight, Julia is determined to instill a healthy attitude towards body image and healthy eating for her daughter.

To demonstrate her new-found confidence, and to help others, Julia is opening a new Slimming World group and will be hitting the streets dressed as a giant banana for the next two weeks.

Look for her in Shawlands and Pollokshields where she’ll be handing out free bananas and Slimming World goodies.

Julia’s Slimming World group will be held at St Ninian’s Church every Wednesday at 7.30pm from October 19.

For more info or to join Julia’s group either pop along or call her on 07769 714281.